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We are here with the goal of sharing material for academic, technical, and historic reasons. The primary focus of the core collection is Illinois Indiana and Kentucky, from Louisville west. The rest of the country is included and even includes some Canadian and Mexican paper as well. Most of the paper is from the regulated era of railroading, particularly heavy is the documentation from 1940-1980. This collection came about mostly as an accident. It started off from retired or soon to be retired folks had stuff that they were hanging onto or momentous from their days working for a railroad or stuff that had been filed away "just in case" and were never needed. Other material was from estate sales and several file boxes was from a museum closure and auction of the assets.

The site is not a commercial site and is here more as a look back at the past. The only "current" material is some of the research material in particular equipment rosters and location name and milepost information geared to railfanning in the present day. That is material that I had hosted elsewhere and am consolidating in one location and supplemental to the old ETT and train orders, particularly where I have no maps.

This website is not all inclusive to all I have, and some material may never be made fully available due to its nature and size but the items, when listed, will be available for look up for those needing information from those volumes.

If you have something you would like to contribute, please contact the administrator of the site. At the current time we are limited in paper contributions at this time. Digital documents can be accepted as well as links to external sites and documents.

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