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These documents are primarily dedicated to freight car inspection and classification of empty equipment for loading. We are always looking for more, either other editions, years or from other railroads. Some other documentation including examples of cards. Like other sections more will be added over time. Also some other publications do have more on the subject, will try to provide links from this page to those documents.

Reading RR

Pennsylvania railroad

Milwaukee road

boxcars only

Illinois Central


" A "     Weather‐proof and Grain‐tight.

" B "     Weather‐proof and Grain‐tight by Coopering and Light Repairs.

" C "     For Rough Freight, not subject to damage by weather.

From part of another document , Augist 1956

photo of table

Baltimore and Ohio railroad

Both sides of B&O tack cards for grading cars. Notice how it says what each car grade is suitable for loading. Anyone have the dates which the cards were in use? These were revision 1 so there were older cards.

>B&O tack cards, both sides shown